Products and innovation

Our Business :  
Paragon produces specialty chemicals and pharma intermediates which find application in various industries. For us making progress along these lines require thinking of effective solutions in line with the premises of sustainable development and the constant drive to grow and improve our operations. Knowledge features of the paragon team, is the quest to provide and maintain a high level of quality in products and services.

Providing service while adding value is a fundamental Paragon principal. By establishing long-lasting relationships with our Clients, we share knowledge, increase understanding and offer new solutions. We learn, improve, innovate and grow and most important of all; together

Building and maintaining partnership relations with the spirit of service, creativity and innovation, contributing to the development and strengthening of our Clients' businesses and help clients deliver even better products to meet demands of today’s competitive world.This is the premise that motivates the paragon team, and has influenced the implementation of solutions that makes a positive difference both for Clients and society throughout the company's history.
The differentials underlying our Client can be divided into three action fronts:
Competitiveness: initiatives that add value to productivity, such as the specialized knowledge on strategic subjects related to operations, technical advice and others.
New business: initiatives aimed at increasing business through the development of new markets.
Entrepreneurship: initiatives that help improve Clients' corporate management, such as the exchange of experience in a wide range of different areas
To do so, the company has an outstanding structure supported by two units of its Technology & Innovation Center, modern laboratories, technical assistance and a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are always encouraged to innovate and identify opportunities that create benefits for Clients and society.
    • Quality: An uncompromised practical of quality checks carried out at different stages of production and finishing of batch of production ensures that all international quality benchmarks are satisfied before a finish product is passed for dispatch.
    • Clients: we have served several clients overseas and domestic. Paragon industries has been functional with clients from various parts of the world, namely Europe , Czech Republic , Japan , South Korea , Taiwan , China , Thailand , Indonesia , Mexico